Transforming Wagering for the Better.

A team of experienced sports wagering professionals providing wagering and sports entertainment services for data holders to create a better wagering experience for their customers through the use of Big Data.

Enjoy regulated scalability.

Licenced by the Northern Territory, BetTube’s sports entertainment platform uses a modularized approach allowing each element to operate independently while filtering and feeding information back through the overarching system. Enterprise Clients can focus on brand and engagement while BetTube provides a fully regulated and compliant sports entertainment experience.

Data Extends CLV

Our experience in wagering allows us to analyse wagering data and focus on client lifetime value (CLV) of customers. CLV is influenced by many factors including sports wagered on, acquisition method, first bet, bet escalation, bet frequency, deposit method and device usage. Our methods strive to isolate inflection points that aim to extend the CLV of customers of our Enterprise Clients.

What to Measure

Data analysis may be riddled with rabbit holes and ascertaining what to measure determines the effectiveness of the results. Wagering transactions produces massive amounts of data. Our wagering experience spans marketing, legal, risk management and finance. This multi-disciplined perspective provides insights as to what data can translate to long term financial outcomes for our Enterprise Client as opposed to short term gains.


We ensure all data received by BetTube from our Enterprise Clients is anonymised and contains no personal information. Our Enterprise Clients can be assured that their most treasured assets are secure.

Regression on Pricing

Our methodology may sometimes appear counter-intuitive. We believe that focus on short term high margin across various bet types may lead to reductions in CLV and overall client satisfaction. At BetTube our aim to provide in depth analysis to determine price elasticity of various popular betting products and the impact on CLV and maximize client satisfaction from of sports entertainment platform.

Customer Protection and Harm Minimisation

BetTube is committed to customer protection and harm minimization. MARC (Monitor, Analysis, Response, Care) aims to go beyond mere messaging and use machine learning to monitor Client behaviour and identify betting and payment patterns that may give rise to problem gambling.

Our ethical design provides meaningful data to clients and MARC allows customers to “opt out”, take breaks and set limits, all to assist them in managing their behaviour.

MARC demonstrates our commitment to our Enterprise Clients and their customers.

Suspicious Transactions: Monitoring and Surveillance

BetTube’s management have strong relationships with sporting bodies and codes as part of structure integrity arrangements. Utilising MARC and its AI & ML capabilities, BetTube will provide essential tools to actively monitor betting data in order to identify suspicious betting transactions. Using MARC BetTube can provide timely reporting of such transactions to regulators and sporting bodies giving our Enterprise Clients comfort in the integrity of our betting transactions.

Centralized Risk Management

High margins result from sound risk management. Each Enterprise Client has its own risk profile and leverages off the increased liquidity that comes from BetTube engaging multiple Enterprise Clients on our PaaS. Where Client demand pushes liabilities beyond pre-set limits, BetTube’s trading methodologies assists Enterprise Clients to maintain risk clearly within their limits. Centralized risk management strengthens individual sportsbooks and provides Enterprise Clients' customers with more stable reliable pricing and better engagement.

Professional Bookmaker Odds Management

Many operators rely on odds or price feeds as a risk management tool. This is a dangerous practice and puts win rates at risk.

BetTube’s experienced sports traders, our combined knowledge leveraging off real-time market conditions, in-depth sports knowledge, customer profiling and book liability tailored odds setting gives rise to superior odds management.

Analysis of Wagering Data

BetTube undertakes in depth analysis of wagering data in an anonymised process to ensure confidentiality of their prized asset. The learnings from analysis are feedback to Enterprise Clients to enhance risk management on a granular basis isolating strengths and weakness in day to day operations.

Control of Brand

BetTube’s PaaS model allows Enterprise Clients to control all client engagement, client messaging and brand values. Enterprise Clients can utilise BetTube’s “Bet Right” or a customised brand aligned to their own brand.

Customer Contact

BetTube’s PaaS model provides Enterprise Clients with Customer Service Modules to manage the Customer journey while ensuring compliance with KYC and AML requirements. The choice is with each Enterprise Client on how much Client contact it wants after a customer has been engaged as a wagering client.

Customer Bonusing and Promotions

Marketing Modules provide tools for Enterprise Clients to select promotions and bonuses based on intimate knowledge of customer data. BetTube provides analytics on marketing promotions to ensure suggested promotion yield adequate returns. Enterprise Clients may rely on BetTube’s expertise to design promotions well within marketing budgets.

Price Based Promotions

Price (or odds)-based promotions are an important tool in providing enhanced engagement. Our risk management team specializes in maximizing priced-based promotions whilst providing accurate costings to Enterprise Clients for budgetary purposes.

Experience matters.

Building highly competitive businesses

BetTube’s team’s expertise is derived from over 30 years in the most competitive gambling market in the world. BetTube’s CEO, Anthony Waller, was a founding employee of Sportingbet Australia. As a director, he was a leader in a team which transformed the Australian wagering landscape, including propelling Sportingbet Australian to, at one time, Australia’s biggest corporate bookmaker.

Innovation at the core

Waller’s focus at Sportingbet was to apply technology to foster scalability of its wagering platform. Sportingbet pioneered multiple brands (or skins) pooled into a centralized risk management system using one unified bookmaking platform. The one platform operated Sportingbet, CentreBet, William Hill Australia, Tomwaterhouse.com and the Western Australian TABtouch fixed odds sports book. As an early adopter of technology, Sportingbet was the first bookmaker in the world to accept PayPal.

Building (and owning) intellectual property

The technology and intellectual property underpinning BetTube’s PaaS is maintained by an in-house development team. This approach is in line with the approach undertaken by the team when building the Sportingbet business. BetTube’s philosophy is to create value by maintaining the underlying intellectual property of its technology stack and leveraging relationships to create a better wagering ecosystem joining the wagering operator (BetTube) with data holders (our Enterprise Clients).

Generating profit

BetTube has vast wagering experience and seeks to strengthen that experience with a highly skilled graduate program employing and seeking to employ graduates from statistics, finance, actuarial studies, computer sciences, data analytics, behaviour economics, marketing and psychology.

Diversity adds healthy conflict, which promotes innovation.

We’re not just another bookmaker. We’re transforming wagering for the better.