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Sportsbook Franchises are here.

A Platform as a Service (PaaS), presented by BetTube.

We recognised there must be a better way to bet, so we set out to create it.

Features that set us apart

30+ years experience

BetTube's team's expertise is derived from over 30 years in the most competitive gambling market in the world.

Innovation at our core

With innovative young minds in big data, statistics, behavioural science and finance, BetTube aims to produce highly engaging product offerings using AI and Machine Learning to provide a responsible service of wagering.

Client Care

BetTube is committed to client protection and harm minimisation. We go beyond mere messaging by using Machine Learning to monitor client behaviour, demonstrating our commitment to our franchisees' and their customers.

BetTube now offers a franchise model to sports betting which capitalises on the successful launch of a new brand, Bet Right, into the most competitive market in the world; Australia.

Bet Right's Year 1 Report Card

Launched June 1, 2021 from a standing start.
Rated 4.7/5 - on iOS App Store


Clients Acquired

<$30 AUD

Cost Per Acquisition

$280m AUD

12-month Turnover


Bonus Spend Maintained

What people are saying

"You guys are a breath of fresh air. Good deposit matches, good Discord community, amazing customer service."

"Love everything about Bet Right. Great staff and they do a great job particularly in the Discord to make everyone feel safe and included. Love the Discord comps."

"Every Bet Right person I have spoken to has always been helpful and is always a good experience. They always seem to go over and beyond to help."

Franchisee benefits

Client Care

BetTube recognises that early identification of betting behaviour which may lead to potential problematic issues can greatly assist in ensuring client care. Our goal is to provide the latest technologies to ensure our sports betting experience is an enjoyable one.

Reduced Capital & Immediate Scalability

Leveraging Bet Right’s experience and the explosive growth experienced in the Australian market as a newcomer in 2021, Franchisees get access to the Platform which uses a modularised approach allowing franchisees to enjoy all the benefits of a scalable infrastructure at drastically reduced capital investment.

Reduced Risk

BetTube management and experience reduces risk for franchisees entering sports betting.  Compliance is a major part of sports betting and with BetTube's experienced team and process driven systems, risk of non compliance is greatly reduced.

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